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Daniel Duguay


My name is Daniel Duguay and I am a Toronto based filmmaker with over eight years of diverse experience on a wide variety of projects. Spending many years as a 1st AC / focus puller has allowed me to learn invaluable skills on many different styles of sets and projects. Mainly working as a camera operator or cinematographer I have also directed several projects in the past year both corporate/commercial as well as narrative. Depending on the scope of your project I am able to provide my services individually or full scale production and equipment.  

Selected Credits

Main Credis

April  2017 - Nov  2023
Fear Thy Neighbor, Cream Productions  / Discovery ID - Camera Operator / Director of Photography
Sony F55 / Zeiss Super Speeds.  
Camera Operator 4 Seasons, DOP 6 Episodes.


January  2023 
Swept Up In Christmas, Hallmark - Director of Photography / Camera Operator
Alexa Mini, Arri Primes
Movie of the Week


Nov - Dec  2022 
The Cowboy Wars (Working Title), Netflix - Camera Operator
Alexa LF,  Cooke Primes
Netflix, Narrative Episodic


August 2022 - September 2022
Eli Roth Presents: My Possessed Pet, Discovery ID  - Camera Operator
RED Helium
1 Season - Narrative Episodic


June 2021 - July 2022
Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life, Discovery ID - Camera Operator
RED Helium, Ronin Operator
2 Seasons.  Main / B Cam 
2nd Unit DP


Hotel Paranormal, Blue Ant / Saloon - DOP / Camera Operator
Sony F55, Angenieux EZ Zooms
1 Episode


Lake Erie Murders, Netflix - Camera Operator
Sony Fs7 & Angineaux EZ  Zooms


Made By Destruction, Discovery - Camera Operator
Sony Fs7 & Canon L Series
Documentary/Reality TV Travel Show US & EU.


Short Films
July 2023
WARGAMES - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
Alexa Mini, Uncoated Zeiss Super Speeds 
Freshly accepted to: Hamilton Film Fest, Chatham-Kent International Film Fest


July 2021
Holdout - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
RED Dragon, Zeiss SuperSpeeds. 2 Wins 2 Nominations
Canada Shorts Film Festival Award of Distinction
Madrid Arthouse Film Festival Award Best Horror


July 2021
Generations Under Sail - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
Fs7 Mk2, Sigma Art Series, 3 Wins 8 Nominations
Nominated Best Cinematography, Winner Best International Short, Best Canadian Short


2022 - Persistence - Short, Thriller - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
2020 - Pale Moonlight - Short, Thriller - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
2018 - Date Night - Short Film, Comedy - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
2017 - Timedr - Short Film, Comedy - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
48 Hour Film Fest Toronto Shorts Select
2016 - The Audition - Short Film, Thriller - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
2016 - Dogs N Buns - Short Film, Comedy - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
2016 - Less Than Satisfactory, Comedy, Webseries - Cinematographer & Camera Operator

2014 - Blood Empires, Drama. Indie Feature - Camera Operator & 2nd Unit DOP
2012 - Meat Shop, Horror - Short - Cinematographer & Camera Operator
2011 - Voyeur, Thriller - Short - Cinematographer & Camera Operator


Additional Operator Credits
Mayday daily Camera Operator multiple episodes
B Camera on ‘The Christmas Quilt’
Under Armor Western University - Camera  Operator
Daily B Camera ‘Date With Danger’ MOW


Graduated Honors Bachelor of Arts Political Theory, Honors Bachelor of Arts Theatre and Film Studies McMaster University.

Sheridan College Advanced Television & Film Post Graduate Program. Specialized in cinematography and producing.  May - 2012


Steadicam Operators Association Course - October 2023

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